Thank you for installing The Games Factory or Multimedia Fusion on your computer. Everyone at Clickteam hopes that you will enjoy your new program, and create a lot of applications and games with it.
Please take a little time to read this page, it contains useful information that can help you get started with the software.

Creating games is more than just a hobby. For many of us, it is a passion that has changed our lives.
Multimedia Fusion and The Games Factory are the perfect tools to discover the world of game creation.

Their innovative interface allow you to give reality to your ideas in a fraction of the time necessary with script-based languages.


Start Getting started

A game is a complex piece of software. The characters of the game must respond to the user input. They must follow the game rules, which can be complex. The animations must be perfect, the sound must match the action as best as possible.

Before starting to program your own ideas, we suggest that you follow a couple of tutorials that will help you discover the frame and event editor.

You certainly have ideas of great games with complex behaviors and rules. It is a good idea to begin with simpler games at first. Old games like Breakout, Space-Invaders, Pacman, Donkey-Kong, Mario are perfect for a beginner. Programming simpler games will teach you the principles of Multimedia Fusion and The Games Factory, and you will then be ready for more complex programming.


Help Getting help

Programming a game can be a bumpy ride. There will be times where you will get stuck with bugs in your game, or times when you do not know how to program the behavior you want for the characters. You will then need help.
The users of Clickteam software are a very active and very friendly community. The centerpoint of the community is the Clickteam forums.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions, report problems or ask for help with your creations. All the users of our forums were once new like you and are more than happy to help.

All the members of Clickteam, including the main programmers, read the forum on a daily basis. They will answer the more complex questions, or interact with you on the problems you may have with the software. Clickteam's pride is to be responsive and helpful with everyone, including the users of the free trial version.

Forum Register your copy on the forum

As soon as you have the serial number of your new software, we suggest that you register yourself on the forum.

  • Create a new account on the forum
  • Enter the serial/registration number of your software on this page

    You will then have access to the Owner Lounge forums, in which you will be able to get beta versions of the software, links to new extensions, post ideas and discuss with other users.

  • Upgrade Upgrading

    Clickteam offers three versions of the game creation tools. The Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion and Multimedia Fusion Developer.
    The comparison page contains the difference between the versions.

    The great news is that you can decide to go from one version to another you will save some money.
    Visit the upgrade center to claim your discount.

    Runtimes Publishing on multiple platforms

    Once your game is created in Multimedia Fusion, you will need to make it public, and publish it to the world. The basic version of our software allows you to create Windows executables and Java applications and applets. But you might want to distribute your game on phones and web browsers.

    SWF Exporter SWF Flash exporter

    Flash applications work on most web browsers around the world. The Flash exporter allows you to create a Flash-compatible SWF file, in just one click. Once created, you can upload your game to game-platforms, like
    Mochi (
    Newgrounds (
    Kongregate ( )
    MiniClip ( )
    Armorgames ( )
    AddictingGames ( ) and many other places.

    Check out a huge list of some of Flash games published with the software.

    iOS Exporter iOS exporter

    The iOS exporter allows you to create games for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Creating such a game is a simple three step process : build a project on your PC (in one click), then copy it to a Mac computer and compile it in Xcode (another click). Once compiled on your Mac, you can test the game on your device and finally publish it on the App Store.
    IOS games use hardware acceleration for speed. Specific iOS objects give you access to GameCenter features like Leaderboards and Achievements, Multi-touch, Accelerometers and more.

    Please note that you will need to register as an iOS developer at Apple to publish games for a yearly fee of $99.

    Check out a huge list of iOS games and apps published with the software.


    XNA Exporter XNA exporter

    The XNA exporter allows you to create games for Xbox and Windows Phone. Creating a game for these platforms is also a simple process : build a XNA project in Multimedia Fusion and compile it under Visual Studio Express (free). Once compiled, you can test your game on your Xbox or Windows Phone, and then publish it on Xbox Live.
    Please note that you will need to register as a XNA developer with Microsoft, for a yearly fee of $99, and a Xbox Live Gold subscription to test on an Xbox.


    Anaconda Exporter Anaconda exporter

    The Anaconda exporter is a cross-platform exporter : build the application once, and it will work on PC, Mac and Linux.


    plus More exporters to come...

    We are currently working on exporters for Android, HTML5, PS-Vita and Mac.

    Money Make money with your creations

    Many of our users have had success stories. Here are a few of them.

    The iOS, Android and XNA exporters allow you to insert advertisements in your creations, providing an easy way to make some money...

    Want to check out what other idie game developers have created? Check out the games here!

    Start Start creating now!

    We all hope at Clickteam that you will have a lot of creative hours with Multimedia Fusion or The Games Factory.
    The only limit is your imagination!